• WRABF scoring will Apply for 50 Meters & 25 Meters LV/HV

 100 yards or 90 Meters Scoring: 

  • 25 targets. One shot allowed per target
  • A -10 penalty will be assessed for any additional shots over 25 in the designated target area
  • Best edge scoring will be used in the scoring of targets. Plugs of the highest caliber allowed will be used to determine border line shots
  • Every shooter finishes before 20-minutes and leave his bench is not allowed to return to his shooting position and the range officer will end his round
  • Bench positions will be randomly drawn right before the round
  • If there is a tie, scoring will revert to the higher number of X’s shot. If there is a tie on number of X’s the scoring will revert to the highest number of 10’s, then 9’s, then 8’s, etc. until a winner is declared. If in the almost impossible circumstance that both cards are shot exactly the same, there will be a tie which will lead to a one shot knockout between
  • A .35 caliber plug will be used for scoring 90 Meters



    • Each Discipline is an independent game
    • Scores will be accumulated through the year ( best 2 rounds of 3 )
    • Classification and Classes are set by the Lebanese Airgun Federation organizers
    • 25 Unlimited ( Best 2/3 ) 50 M AR ( Best 2/3) 90 M EBR ( Best 2/3 )
    • Challenges are one game , League Points do not Apply
    • Accumulated league points will be used to determine the league positions of the federations shooters


    • 1 or 2 qualifying rounds that generates a final round
    • The final Round should be equal to the number of benches
    • All shooters should shoot in the same conditions

General Rules

  • Cheating will NOT be tolerated. Any person attempting/caught cheating will be disqualified immediately from all events with no refund.
  • Safety is the number one priority. If any shooter breaks any range rules or has a safety violation, they will be immediately disqualified.
  • If you are not on the line at the start of your scheduled heat, you will not be shooting in the event. There will be no make-ups for missed shooting times.
  • Shooters are allowed to safely fill their guns during the event as many times as necessary. Guns must remain on the bench at all times.
  • Tethered tanks are not allowed except in 50 Meters WRABF
  • Muzzles must remain downrange at all times.
  • Ammo must be massed produced, diablo domed pellets. NO SLUGS OR CAST BULLETS ARE ALLOWED. Examples of approved ammo are JSB Diablo, H&N , Zan etc.
  • If a shooter thinks their target was shot by another competitor, they must make it known immediately to a range officer. Raise your hand and we will take note of the shot and investigate the target after the round.
  • One piece rests are allowed.
  • Wind indicators must stay in your lane.
  • You may have a backup gun on hand, it must be the same caliber as the gun you start with. For safety you must raise your hand and have a range officer assist with the transition.
  • Once the round has started you cannot receive assistance from anyone other than a range officer. This includes spotting help, coaching, or advice. Communication must be relayed through a range officer.
  • Cell phones must be on silent. No communication through your cell phone during the match.
  • Guns must be taken out from a case, on the bench, during cold range time.
  • Competitors will be allowed to very briefly view their target down range after each heat. Any physical touching of your target pre-scoring will result in disqualification.
  • We recommend staying at your bench until the time is expired. Your gun must not leave the bench until the range is cold.
  • Shooters have the right to know the timing during the match
  • Referees will always update the shooters about timing
  • Shooters have the right to use their own chronometers and synchronize their devices to match the referee timing
  • Shooters have the right to object for any inconvenience before the match start example: discomfort, sun exposure, bench rest failure
  • Referees will ask the shooters to get ready several times before starting the match
  • Shooters are responsible to make sure of their readiness and should answer the referee questions before starting the game for example: referees will ask each individual about his name and bench number
  • Shooters who confirm their readiness before the match start will be responsible of their actions for example: a fail to start before the referee whistle will not stop the match from proceeding
  • In case of technical gun failure during the match or in the case when a shooter has a doubt that another shooter is using his targets, shooters should raise their hands quietly and summon the referee
  • Shooters are not allowed to leave their bench rest during the official match timing
  • Leaving the bench rest will automatically close the shooter target card
  • Shooters are only allowed to leave the bench rest based on a referee decision
  • Shooters facing technical problem with their guns are allowed to change the initial gun only if the referee granted them the right to do that
  • Shooters will have to specify their initial gun that is used and their secondary gun prior to the competition
  • Any interference from the outside area either by the audience or other official shooters will lead to an automatically disqualification for both sides
  • Junior shooters will have the right of assistance from their coaches or parents
  • Shooters have the right to claim disqualification at any time of the match
  • Claiming disqualification is granted by the referees
  • Shooters are not allowed to interfere with the referee’s decision or publicly object a decision
  • Objections are granted to each shooter after the game or during the game only by using the following gesture: raise the hand quietly
  • Shooters are advised to keep their guns in safety modes all the time
  • Every shooter should have his own air tank next to him
  • Shooters are not allowed to leave the bench to fill their guns with air
  • Every shooter during the match should always remain quiet and seated even if he finished before the official end time

Safety Rules and Procedures:

  • Air guns should always be on safe mode outside the shooting range
  • Side levers and cocking mechanism should always be open and on safe mode
  • Air guns magazines should always be removed from the guns when outside the shooting range and make sure that the rifle is not cocked and does not contain any pellet in the barrel
  • Never fire the rifle when it is empty of air or when air cylinder is removed
  • Never point the rifle at anyone, or allow anyone to point a rifle at you
  • Treat every rifle as if it is loaded even if you know it is not loaded
  • Always carry the rifle so that the direction of the muzzle is under control, even if you stumble
  • Always be sure of your target and what lies behind it before firing you rifle never leave a loaded rifle unattended
  • Beware of the targets that tend to cause ricochets
  • Always use caution when operating the rifle
  • Learn and obey the rules in your location
  • Be responsible in your use of your weapon
  • Never fill the rifle with anything else other than regular air
  • All shooters must have masks and respect the social distancing

Federation League Points System is set to the following: 

Positions Points
1st. 18
2nd. 15
3rd. 13
4th. 12
5th. 11
6th. 10
7th. 9
8th. 8
9th. 7
10th. 6
11th. 5
12th. 4
13th. 3
14th. 2
15th. 1

Opening Hours :

Shooting Range : 8 am till 6 pm all week days and week ends

Office : Monday to Saturday 9 am till 5 pm

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